Company Info

Founded in 1986, SLA is an innovative solutions provider for architectural and interior design. We specialize in the design and engineering of restaurant, retail, and hospitality facilities. We are experienced with all ranges of construction from ground up to tenant improvement projects.

Over the past three decades, we’ve built a reputation for concept driven spaces that resonate with guests because every element relates to a central concept. We implement vision, creativity, and execution as our company continues to blend together all elements of design in order to deliver the best product to our clients every time. Each client is viewed as a valuable member of our team and their involvement is welcome throughout the design process.

The staff at SLA aims to add personal value to everything they do. Our company’s primary strength is through the creativity, passion, and dedication of our staff. Independent thinking and initiative are highly encouraged by our company. With the diversity in background, experience and styles we are able to provide full service concept design and architectural services, both nationally and internationally.

At SLA, we embrace each opportunity to nurture a new brand or elevate an existing one. We recognize the impact a new concept has for the success of a client. By integrating a concept and it’s branding elements, we can recreate the essence from one location to another.

We are able to work within any scope as part of a new project or renovation with the utilization of our expertise in fine dining and hospitality.

Our client’s success is the foundation for our success.